2020 Civil Registration Month

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8 June 2020

Motorcade highlights celebration in Bohol

          PSA Bohol in cooperation with the City Civil Registrars Office conducted a motorcade on 3 February 2020 to commemorate the celebration of the 2020 Civil Registration Month (CRM) in the province. Jessamyn Anne C. Alcazaren, Chief Statistical Specialist, spearheaded the activity which traversed the main thoroughfares of Tagbilaran City. Bol-anong Asosasyon of Civil Registrar’s  (BACRO) extended support through the presence of BACRO President Lucia M. Cempron, Tagbilaran City Civil Registrar Virgilia S. Incog and Alburquerqe MCR Myrna P. Jubac, respectively.

         The motorcade aimed to give awareness to the people on the observance of CRM as per Presidential Proclamation No. 682,signed by then President Corazon C. Aquino on January 28, 1991. This year’s theme, ”Shaping Civil Registration and Vital Statistics (CRVS) by Embracing New Trends in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)”. This was the opening salvo for the month-long celebration.


Girls dominate in the Buzz quiz 

          Four employees emerged victorious in the Civil Registration Quiz held last 17 February 2020 in celebration of the 30th Civil Registration Month conducted This in-house activity is the third year in a row conducted by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Bohol Provincial Office  held at 3F Galleria Luisa, Gallares St., Tagbilaran City last 17 February 2020. The Group 2 team winners were composed of the following: SS II Colita E. Montoya, AO I Mary Antonette C. Jungao and Registration Officers’ I Felicitas B. Aranas and Gaudiosa C. Oculares. The team bested all other contenders from the other groupings with confidence and poise.

         The quiz was conducted to broaden the knowledge of employees on civil registration and involve them in promoting awareness on the importance of civil registration in the lives of every Filipino. It cannot be denied, everyone enjoyed and learned a lot with the quiz. Winners were awarded with goodies and also to all participating employees.


Kapihan sa PIA Radio Interview


          As part of the information dissemination campaign of PSA, the office scheduled a one hour radio interview during the program “ Kapihan sa PIA” on 19 February 2020 at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. The program was hosted by PIA Manager, Rey Anthony H. Chiu. The team from PSA Bohol headed by CSS Jessamyn Anne C. Alcazaren, RO II Glenda E. Wahing and RO I Federico I. Aparri exchanged views and opinions with Sir Rey and this was aired over DYTR.

             The interesting topics focused on the Simulated Birth Rectification Act (Republic Act No. 11222), which grants amnesty to individuals who falsified civil registry record that the child was born to a woman who is not the biological mother, thereby causing the loss of the child’s true identity and status. A portion was also devoted to the importance of death registration and legitimation.


Training/Workshop on DeCAP

               The Philippine Statistics Authority in Bohol conducted a Training/Workshop for Decentralized Copy Annotation Process (DeCAP) to all employees last 24 February 2020 at the office.

             DeCAP is a system that enables the Regional Serbilis Outlets to cater requests for copy issuance of annotated civil registry documents. Further, the system will reduce the processing time and ultimately bring civil registration services closer to the people. It aims to improve the feedback and coordination mechanism with clients and the C/MCRs to address the increasing volume of transactions and reducing processing time in compliance with Ease of Doing Business and Efficient Government Service Act  (RA 11032).

            Glenda E.Wahing, Registration Officer II discussed the detailed process on DeCAP which made the participants understand on how documents were processed. Registration Officer’s Federico Aparri and Armand Pergamino explained the processing of annotated civil registry documents. A hands-on workshop on screening of civil registry documents for RA 9048, RA 10172 and supplemental report followed after all presentations were being discussed. Participants gained meaningful experience and enjoyed the activity. 


· Mobile Registration

           As part of the celebration of the 30th Civil Registration month with the theme “Shaping CRVS by Embracing New Trends in the 4th Industrial Revolution (41R)”, several mobile registrations were attended by the Philippine Statistics Authority in some barangays of the province.

           With the aim of extending PSA services to the grassroots level and at the same time strengthening the partnership with the Local Civil Registry Office (LCRO), PSA Bohol warmly responded to the requests of   these offices in the municipalities of Talibon and Candijay to attend the mobile registrations.

             In the municipality of Talibon, Registration Officer 1 (RO1) Gaudiosa C. Oculares, RO1 Gerardo T. Binangbang, RO1 Federico I. Aparri and RO1 Armand Pergamino took turn to represent PSA in the island barangays of Mahanay, Guindacpan, Busalian and  the mainland barangays in Zamora and Rizal.  With the mobile registration teams composed of PSA representative and two to three staff from LCRO,  timely and late registrations were processed free of registration and other fees. Queries regarding their problematic civil registry documents were gladly entertained. Requests of PSA copy of civil regstry documents through BREQS were also accepted with no LGU processing fee.

          In the municipality of Candijay, RO1 Gaudiosa C. Oculares of PSA and MCR Jocelyn Platino and  staff  headed to Barangay Tambongan to bring the LCRO Civil Registration Month banner program #closerUand I. This is another step forward in providing services to the common people. Services offered include free registration,  acceptance of BREQs requests for Birth, Marriage, Death and Cenomar, consultation on civil registry documents related problems, symposium and gift giving. Before the day ends, a pack of rice and canned goods were given as surprise gifts for those present.


Civil Registration Symposium

           In celebration of the 2020 Civil Registration month, symposia series  on Civil Registration were conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority - Bohol Provincial Office in the municipalities of Talibon and Candijay. These were in coordination with the Local Civil Registry Office of the said municipalities.

            The first symposium was conducted on February 18, 2020 at Mahanay National High School situated in Barangay Mahanay, an island barangay of Talibon municipality. Faculty and students from grade 7 to grade 10 actively participated in the activity. PSA Bohol personnel, Registration Officer 1 (RO1) Gaudiosa C. Oculares served as speaker. Topics discussed were the overview of civil registration including the processes of registering vital events and the salient points of some civil registration laws such as Republic Act  9048, 10172, 9858 and 9255. 

          Another gathering was conducted in Barangay Tambongan of Candijay municipality on February 27, 2020. Attendees of the half-day campaign on Civil Registration were barangay officials, barangay health workers, barangay nutrition scholars and barangay  tanods.  Historical background of civil registration, vital events and the importance of timely registration, laws and their scope and coverage such as RA 9048, RA 10172, RA 9255 and RA 9858 were fully discussed. The team of ROI Gaudiosa Oculares and Municipal Civil Registrar  Jocelyn Platino took turns in the discussion of the topics.


Civil Mass Weddings         

          The Local Government Unit of Alburquerque, Bohol conducted mass civil wedding to twenty-one couples in the afternoon of  February 24, 2020 at their spacious gymnasium, where  municipal mayor, Hon. Don Ritchie R. Simeon as the solemnizing officer.   The municipal vice – mayor, few members of the sangguniang bayan and heads of office attended the said activity. Statistical Analyst, Beatriz H. Merlas graced the activity in behalf of PSO  Jessamyn  Anne C. Alcazaren. 

             In the program of invitation, a verse from  the Bible taken from the book of Genesis chapter two  verse twenty-four had been reflected which states that  “ Therefore shall a man  leave his father and his mother and shall join his wife and they shall be one flesh.”  SA Merlas  emphasized this verse in  a speech she gave during the program.  She further  advised to the newly wedded couples  to live a life that is in accordance with the will of Our Almighty Father and that let God be the center  of their lives. She reminded the couples to  apply for legitimation of their children at the office of the Local Civil Registrar and comply all the needed documents  to avoid problems in the near future.

            In the speech of the  municipal mayor, he congratulated the   couples for availing the opportunities initiated by the LGU for they are now entitled of the benefits and privileges embodied in the family code of the country. He even shared his very memorable experience regarding his marriage where it was so simple and   was held in a very secluded place due to financial problems.  The newly weds were surprised and happy with their wedding cakes and red wines as wedding gifts from the organizer.

            Vice   mayor,  Honorable  Alexis  Fernan  R. Simeon   gave the closing remarks with a short message. Before the program ended  all the   couples gracefully danced accompanied with lovely music    followed by  picture taking together with the local executives. It was another fruit of labor.. Ma’am Myrna P. Jubac,  the Local Civil Registrar of Alburquerque led the said activity and was thankful to PSA for the full support exerted.

             Another union of hearts was  attended by SA Merlas in the municipality of Carmen, where  twenty-one couples  have availed the program. It was  held at the  half - finished big gymnasium of the Local Government Unit of Carmen in the afternoon of March 2, 2020 where  municipal mayor, Honorable Ricardo Franscisco A. Toribio was the solemnizing officer. His beautiful first lady Ruth Buan Toribio also graced the occasion. Honorable Roy O. Palaca one of the Sangguniang bayan  members and at the same time the in-charge of the committee  on special events gave the opening remarks. Few heads of office also attended the activity.  The newly appointed LCR, Petronila  S. Caberte was the overall chairman of the activity and the former  LCR , Severina Palingcod gave her utmost support to the LCRO family.

             In the speech of SA Merlas, she  extended her profound gratitude in behalf of PSA Bohol provincial office for the success of the mass civil wedding with the headship of the municipal mayor. She also presented the upcoming 2020  Census on Population and Housing  where PSA will be soliciting cooperation  for the success of the undertaking not only from the LGU Carmen but also from  the respondents in all the barangays.  She further tackled  the importance of CPH and why we are going to conduct this. The same advice was given  by SA Merlas to the newly wedded couples when she attended the same activity in LGU of Alburquerque.

             All the couples were given rice cooker as a gift to them from the LGU. The ceremony ended with the picture taking by all the parties together with their parents and with that of the local executives.


LCR Talibon shares gifts to 87 children in Barangay Sikatuna 


          The Philippine Statistics Authority together with the Local Civil Registry Offices in the entire country celebrates Civil Registration Month (CRM) every February of each year since 1991 as mandated by Proclamation No. 682.  In this year’s celebration of the 30th Civil Registration Month with the theme “Shaping CRVS by Embracing New trends in the 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR)”, the Local Civil Registry Office of Talibon together with the active participation of PSA Bohol office conducted a charitable activity in barangay Sikatuna, Talibon, Bohol where 87 kindergarten pupils received gifts in the form of school supplies and grocery items.

             The activity gained full support from the head teacher of the school, daycare teachers, parents and with the presence of some barangay officials. It was funded by the local government of Talibon thru the office of the Local Civil Registrar as gesture of social responsibility during the CRM observance.

              According to Ms. Celestina Pentacase, Muncipal Civil Registrar, there were 92 children pre-listed as beneficiaries of the charitable activity who are kindergarten pupils of the said barangay. However, during the actual distribution, only 87 of them had received the gifts because some were absent and others were not anymore attending classes. Some parents received the gifts in behalf of their children who were absent during the distribution.  


CRASM Forum to IPs 

             On February 7, 2020, Friday, Ms. Glenda E. Wahing Registration Officer II, Ms. Felicitas B. Aranas Registration Officer I and Mr. Federico I. Aparri Registration Officer I, all are staff of PSA Bohol, conducted CRASM training to selected members of the Indigenous People precisely the ESKAYA TRIBE of Bohol. This activity is in response to the request of their tribal leaders represented by tribal bishop Mr. Elpedio R. Palaca. Mostly of the participants came early thus the forum started on time. The venue was at the evacuation center of LGU-Pilar that accommodated the total of 40 participants all leaders of Eskaya Tribe from different municipalities of Bohol.

              The forum focused on laws affecting marriage in the Philippines, marriage registration process, concepts and procedures, data appreciation of marriages statistics, grounds for cancellation of certificate of authority to solemnize marriage, requirements for CRASM application and how to accomplish marriage certificate. These were the topics discussed during the whole-day affair.

            A total of 40 participants actively participated the forum. Resource persons entertained questions after each topic had been presented and with one-hour open forum to answer issues and concerns regarding marriage solemnization and other civil registration concerns. 


Hanging of Streamers

           The Local Government Units (LGU) of Bohol enjoined the Philippine Statistics Authority ( PSA ) in the 30th Civil Registration Month ( CRM ) celebration last February 2020 with the theme “ Shaping Civil Registration and Vital Statistics ( CRVS ) by Embracing New Trends in the 4th Industrial Revolution ( 4 IR ).

            CRM celebration aims to remind the citizenry of their duty to register acts and events concerning persons status, enhance nationwide awareness and statistical values of civil registry documents such as births, deaths and marriage certificates.

           Streamer was displayed in front of PSA office, marking the start of the series of activities. The full support among the local units can be gleamed  with streamers hanged at the forefronts of municipal halls and about thirty eight municipalities have expressed it. This is an advocacy for a complete and timely registration for all Filipinos to have an identity and be counted. ◘