CrPS February 2020 Round uses its new DPS

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8 June 2020


               After several rounds of using the excel method of tabulating the survey results, and running the parallel CsPRO based Data Processing System (DPS) for Crops Production Survey (CrPS), PSA  used its new DPS for January to March 2020 survey results.

             The system primarily aims at generating the provincial production estimate. However, with the use of take all principle during the conduct of the survey, that is, listing all the crops produced by farmers every reference quarter, this system also creates a masterlist of top producing municipalities and farmers per commodity.

               Back then, the PSA already used the improved survey questionnaire for this new DPS for the past survey rounds with specified commodity grouping of Fruits, NonFood Industrial and Commercial Crops and Vegetables and Rootcrops.

             CrPS is a quarterly survey of the PSA that collects production data of crops such as production, area planted/harvested and bearing hills other than palay and corn.  To do the analysis and to come up with the provincial estimate, PSA has to accomplish the compiling system and other compiling system for each commodity grouping quarterly, by semester and annually.

            For the first quarter of this year, 7 Statistical Researchers (SR) with their two supervisors blended well to come up with the best data picture for the province.The survey is conducted simultaneously with Farm Prices Survey (FPS) every last 10 days of the reference quarter.