Customer Satisfaction Survey Results Fourth Quarter 2020

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5 April 2021

Customer Satisfaction Survey Results

Based from the Fourth Quarter 2020 Survey

Dumaguete City Serbilis Outlet

Negros Oriental


Background of the Survey

    The 4th Quarter 2020 Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSS) is conducted by the Civil Registry System (CRS) Serbilis Outlet in Dumaguete City to determine the assessment of clients in terms of their satisfaction with the civil registration services that the PSA Negros Oriental CRS outlet provides, specifically in the issuance of copies of their civil registry documents. This survey also aims to assess the effectiveness and efficiency of the delivery of the services to our clients and other stakeholders.

    The CSS was administered to 150 sample respondents on the second week (December 7 to 11, 2020) of the last month of the reference quarter. The respondents of the survey are the CRS clients who completed all the steps, from screening of forms up to the releasing of documents, that is the document have been released in the same day that the request have been applied. With this number, only 30 sample respondents are selected for interview in a day for 5 days. The survey employs systematic sampling technique. The first respondent is selected by drawing a Random Start (RS) from 1 to 10.The respondents are chosen in a regular interval after the first sample respondent is selected until the 30 sample targets are covered in a day.


Survey Results

Profile of the Respondents

    Table 1 shows that three in every ten or 39.13 percent of the respondents were male while 60.87 percent were female. Majority of the clients were college graduate or higher with 64.00; while 20.67 percent and 2.67 were reported to be in high school and elementary levels, respectively.  Some 12.67 percent did not disclose their educational attainment. Most of the clients interviewed were employed with 48.67 percent while 24.00 percent were unemployed and 27.33 percent did not disclose their employment.  Most of the clients interviewed came from other areas within the Negros oriental province with 53.33 percent reported excluding the City Capital of Dumaguete which comprises 18.00 percent. 


Table 1. Distribution of CRS Clients by Demographic Profile,

Fourth Quarter 2020: Dumaguete City


Demographic Profile
















High School


College or Higher


Not disclosed











Not disclosed







Dumaguete City


Other Areas within the province


Within the Region


Outside the Region

NO Answer




Proportion of satisfied client goes up to 98.67 percent

    Satisfaction rating is measured as the percentage of clients surveyed during the reference period who were satisfied or very satisfied with the PSA’s civil registry services.

    Figure 1 shows the overall satisfaction rating of CRS Serbilis Outlet during the reference period. Based on the results of the survey, the proportion of respondents who expressed satisfaction is as high as 98.67 percent.  Zero point sixty-seven (0.67) percent were neutral and dissatisfied with the services.


Figure 1. Overall Client’s Satisfaction Rating of CRS Serbilis Outlet,

Fourth Quarter 2020: Dumaguete City



Client’s level of agreement is highest in the employees category

          The respondents expressed highest satisfaction   rating in the Employees category. Figure 2 shows that  100.00 percent agree that the employees are courteous, 99.33 percent are well groomed/neat and knowledgeable. Ninety-eight point sixty-seven (98.67) percent believe that the procedures are clear, simple and easy to follow and the  employees rendered prompt services to the public.  Categories like Service and Area/facilities earn 97.33 percent where the clients agree that the office/employees understand the needs of the clients, the area is safe and comfortable/ventilated and there are enough chairs. 96.00 percent conclude that the surroundings are clean. Furthermore, 91.33 percent agree that the CRs are clean.


Figure 2. Satisfied/Very Satisfied Rating of CRS Serbilis Outlet, by Category,

Fourth Quarter 2020: Dumaguete City



Options in securing Civil Registry Documents

    Of the respondents surveyed, one      in five or 56.20 percent  are  aware of the other options in securing the civil registry documents like birth, marriage,  death,   and  CENOMAR.   The   remaining  43.80 percent are not aware of those options. Figure 3 shows that 60.61  percent  of   the  respondents  know  that  documents  can be requested  through the    internet/online. Other  options   in securing the   civil  registry documents    through     the   Local    Government   Unit   (LGU) registered 37.37 percent while telephone and  SM  Business Center showed 1.01 percent.


Figure 3. Awareness in Securing Civil Registry Documents and

           Options in Securing Documents

           Fourth Quarter 2020: Dumaguete City




Respondents’ comments and suggestions

    The respondents were asked for comments and suggestions during the survey to serve as inputs for further improvement of the services of the CRS Serbilis Outlet in Dumaguete City.  Table 2 shows the summary of the reasons for not trying other options in securing the Civil Registry Documents.


Table 2. Reasons of Not Trying Other Options in Securing Documents,
by Number of Reports, Fourth Quarter 2020: Dumaguete City


  Reasons of not trying other options

Number of Reports



1. Easier, faster and more convenient to transact directly at the office because of accessibility.





2. No idea about the different options.





3. Prefer to process personally.






4. Transactions over the internet is costly and no one can assist if there are further inquiries.





5. It will take a long time to receive the documents if processed online.






6. No internet connection                                                                          5


    Table 3 shows the verbatim positive and negative comments on the service, employees, procedures, and facilities made and reported by the respondents of this survey.


Table 3. Comments and Suggestions of the Respondents,

Fourth Quarter 2020: Dumaguete City




Positive comments


PSA moy dali

kay mas sayon ra ng walk-in para nako

I prefer in the office hence it is safer in transaction

Duol ra ang office sa PSA sa ako workplace

Mas simple pag sa office ra jud mo transact

Mas dali f walk-in

Duol ra man ko sa PSA




Negative comments



Not aware, not yet tried if nay laing pamaagi


No Time

not stable connection sa among lugar

no internet connection

Hina ang connection sa among lugar

lack of info

Wala kasulay kay dili halos sige magamit ani.  For requirements only ra man

madugay shipping

Kay wa man ko kahibawo nga unsa na, t don't know

Because I don't know what is the requirement and process

Not needed

Walay time





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