Family Income and Expenditures Survey (FIES) Visit 2

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25 January 2019

                    For two weeks now, since January 10, 2019, statistical researchers or SRs of the Philippine Statistics Authority have been visiting and interviewing sample households for the on-going Family Income and Expenditures Survey (FIES). A total of 1,541 sample households for the whole province will be visited by trained statistical researchers until the survey period ends on the 8th day of February. The questions they will be asking will be those concerning expenditures and income of the household from the months of July to December of 2018.

                    Data gathered from the FIES are significant inputs in the estimation of the country’s poverty threshold and poverty incidence which will be the concrete basis of the government for its social and economic development plans.

                   For the province in 2015 the poverty threshold or the minimum income for a family or individual to meet the basic food and non-food requirements is Php 20,437 per month. Twenty one point seven (21.7) percent of families or individuals have less per capita income than the poverty threshold.

               PSA Bohol head Alcazaren emphasized that the success of the survey would depend greatly on the quality of the data gathered. She said further that; “the cooperation of the Boholano community particularly our respondents is of utmost importance, hence we ask for your time to provide us the correct and reliable information. For any inquiries regarding our survey you can call us at 501-0996 or email us at