Moving Onwards for the July 2019 Agricultural Wage Rate Survey

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6 August 2019

The Philippine Statistics Authority – Cebu Provincial Statistical Office is one of the provinces that conducts the July 2019 Agricultural Wage Rate Survey (AWRS). This is the second round of AWRS for this year.

The AWRS is one of the regular surveys conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). It aims to generate estimates of average wage rates of agricultural farm workers, generate gender – based data for wage rates and determine women’s participation in agricultural production activity. Moreover, AWRS is conducted semi – annually. The first round was conducted last January 2019 with four major crops: palay, corn, coconut and sugarcane.

July 2019 AWRS collects data for the two major crops, namely: palay and corn. The reference period for these mentioned crops is July to December of the current year. For this survey round, Cebu Province has thirty-five (35) sample farm operators. Twenty (20) corn farm operators and fifteen (15) palay farm operators. These sample farm operators were equally distributed to the three (3) hired Statistical Researchers (SRs) after the conduct of the third level training.   

Prior to the conduct of the July 2019 AWRS enumeration, there was a third level training conducted on July 19, 2019 at PSA Cebu Conference Room, Cebu City. This is to equip SRs with full knowledge of AWRS concepts and procedures.    

Presently, Cebu Province is moving onwards for the success of the July 2019 AWRS by giving its full support, commitment and dedication.