NegOr Household Cereal Stocks on March 2021

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31 May 2021

Negros Oriental Total Household Cereal Stocks at 27.53 

Thousand Metric Tons on March 1, 2021


    Negros Oriental Total Rice and Corn household stocks reached at 27,529 metric ton as of 6:00 am on March 1, 2021. The cereal stock level is more than 16.56 per cent higher than the 23,617 metric tons counted in the same period in March 2020. The increase was attributed to the rice sector in which more harvests prior to the survey month was made enabling inflow of household’s rice grain stocks. 

   Rice stocks level this month, recorded a 43.35 percent higher against the previous months’ level of 11,664 metric tons. The improvement was due to elevated harvests in the province triggering inflow of stocks to households. Rice remained the main bulk of the provinces’ household cereal stocks at 60.74 percent share of the total volume.

     This years’ rice stock level compared to same period last year is 21.07 percent higher due to more household retention of stocks in preparation of the coming lean months. This years’ rice stock level of 16,720 metric tons reported on March 1, 2021, is 2,910 metric tons greater than the March 1, 2020 level of 13,810 metric tons.

    In terms of corn grains, the current corn stock at 10,809 metric tons this month is 6.90 percent lower from the previous months’ level of 11,610 metric tons due to reducing harvest occurring in the province. This year, corn stocks level is 10.22 per cent higher compared to same period in 2020, at 9,807 metric tons. Hoarding of household stocks in preparation of incoming lean months.

    These figures were the result of the Palay and Corn Stocks Survey 1 (PCSS1), conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) in the province. The monthly survey on farming and non-farming household stocks level intends to generate estimates of the current stocks of rice and corn and is conducted in the first four (4) days of the month with the 1st day of the month as the reference period.





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