Philippine Statistics Authority conducts census for establishments

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22 July 2019

           The Census of Philippine Business and Industry (CPBI) is one of the three censuses being conducted by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) per Republic Act (RA) 10625 and a designated statistical activity as per Executive Order (EO) No. 352, series of 1996.

            The 2018 CPBI is conducted starting on May 2019 with a rider survey 2018 Input Output Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (IOSPBI). The 2018 CPBI aims to collect and generate information on the levels, structure, performance and trends of economic activities of the formal sector in the entire country for the year 2018, while the 2018 IOSPBI aims to collect detailed information on the revenue, expense and inventories by product of businesses and industries covered in the 2018 CPBI in order to build the input structure and to construct the distribution of output required in the compilation of the 2018 I-O Table.

            PSA Cebu Provincial Statistical Office (PSA Cebu PSO) is considered as one of the provinces with an extra-large size because it has a significant 2018 CPBI/IOSPBI workload of 4406 and 1156 CPBI and IOSPBI sample establishments, respectively. Given the workload, 68 personnel in the operations which is composed of 50 seasonal hired Statistical Researchers (SRs), 2 Receipt and Control Clerks and 16 regular employees.

           This undertaking would not be successful without the full support of every establishment-based censuses and surveys partners - the establishments. Thus, PSA Cebu PSO conducted a 2018 CPBI/IOSPBI Respondents’ Forum in order to establish rapport and appreciate with the respondents’ contribution to every PSA’s establishment-based undertaking. It was conducted on 12 July 2019 at Eloisa Royal Suites in Basak, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu. The said forum was attended by 40 individuals from different establishments within Cebu Province and most of the attendees were coming from establishments in Lapu-Lapu City. During the forum, not only the 2018 CPBI/IOSPBI was discussed but also the 2019 Quarterly Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (2019 QSPBI), Monthly on Integrated Survey of Selected Industries (2019 MISSI), 2019 Producer Price Survey (2019 PPS), Data Appreciation on 2016 Annual Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (2016 ASPBI) on Manufacturing Sector and the PSA’s legal authority to conduct censuses and surveys.

             Collection of CPBI/IOSPBI forms from establishments is still on going. As of 18 July 2019, number of collected CPBI and IOSPBI forms are 4110 and 1071 with a percentage of 93.28% and 92.64%, respectively. However, some of these collected forms are still due to some verification.

            PSA Cebu PSO’s official CPBI and IOSPBI collection percentage which excludes the pending CPBI/IOSPBI forms as reflected in the Monitoring and Tracking System is 83.6% and 67.7%, respectively.

            Manual and machine processing of collected 2018 CPBI/IOSPBI forms has started on 01 July 2019.