Preparation of Census Maps for the 2020 CPH

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8 June 2020

           It has been five year since the start of the preparatory mapping activities of the PSA for the 2020 Census of Population and Housing. Supposedly, the office will switch to a tablet-aided field operation. However, due to difficulties in the procurement of the equipment, the office will still conduct the census the traditional way. Given these circumstances, maps need to be printed. This printing of maps was included in the latest mapping activity of the office, i.e., the Preparation of Census Maps for the 2020 CPH. This activity involved creation of Block Maps and exporting of maps to PDF format for printing. Block maps are enlarged portions of a barangay or an EA.

           To accomplish this, the office hired two Map Data Reviewers (MDRs) and three Map Data Processors (MDP). The hired personnel attended the second level training at PSA Cebu Provincial Statistical Office, Cebu City on 06-08 January 2020. SS II Emmanuel B. Galab and SA Venus P. Gloria also participated in the said training as focal persons for Bohol.

           The creation of block maps was set to be completed by 27 February 2020. Unexpectedly, a memo was issued that moved the deadline to the 7th of February. To meet this, four additional personnel, specifically, one MDR and three MDPs were hired. Finally, the team was able to complete the processing and submitted all the shapefiles last 08 February. A total of 36,383 block maps were created province-wide. ◘