PSA RSSO VII conducts 2nd Level Training on the 2019 FLEMMS Machine Processing

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21 January 2020
PSA RSSO VII conducts 2nd Level Training on the 2019 FLEMMS Machine Processing

The 2019 Functional Literacy, Education and Mass Media Survey (FLEMMS) presents a comprehensive statistics on the latest status of literacy, education, and mass media exposure of Filipinos nationwide. Though conducted every five years, it is the only survey in the country that focuses more on education, literacy and mass media exposure. It brings together a wide range of information that serves as a guide for government policy makers, program planners, and decision makers in providing a much broader scope of action and more focused program intervention on the target beneficiaries of development plans. It also serves as a vital tool to the private businesses and industries as well as to the academic researches and development projects. Thus, PSA needs to ensure a quality and timely output for the 2019 FLEMMS for it  will greatly affect a number of stakeholders in the country. As part of its commitment to produce quality statistics, PSA places measures to check the reliability and reasonableness of responses made by the respondents during the field enumeration and still commited to deliver timely statistics. As part of its processing phase, PSA RSSO 7 conducted the briefing on the 2019 FLEMMS Machine Processing which aims to produce timely and reliable results of the survey. The briefing was conducted last 9 January 2020 at PSA RSSO 7 Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Room with nine (9) hired machine processors. The briefing was handled by the section head of household surveys SrSS Myrna Trinidad T. Cataluña. During the activity CSS Leopoldo P. Alfanta, Jr. gave his message to the participants together with the instruction which is to ensure a reliable output for Region 7.