PSA Verifies Religious Sect

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8 June 2020

                 On 08 January 2020, Wednesday, Federico I. Aparri Registration Officer I of Philippine Statistics Authority province of Bohol went to the Municipality of Ubay to verify the existence of a religious sect. The head has applied at the office for the issuance of Certificate of Registration of Authority to Solemnize Marriage (CRASM). The religious sect which was subject to the verification is the Evangelical Churches of Christ Universal Inc. congregated in Barangay Juagdan, Ubay, Bohol with Bishop Igleserio Apatan Dupalco regarded as their Bishop.

             During the verification, it was found out that the religious sect already existed long time ago with its mother sect. Until there was a conflict which rooted the division among members of the organization that opted them to separate and form a new church registered at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

              Based on the interview of the Solemnizing Officer (SO) applicant, he was previously issued a Certificate of Registration of Authority to Solemnize Marriage (CRASM) granting him three years authority to solemnize and expired on December 31, 2019. Notwithstanding the previous issuance of CRASM, the pastor is considered a new applicant because he is now representing the newly-organized church under his care.

             As reported, there are regular Sunday worship rites and religious activities among the members who in different barangays of Ubay. Some pictures were taken as proof of the presence of the church and its legal identity.  The activity is usually done for new applications ensuring their veracity and truthfulness. ◘