SOCD undertakes the 1st Quarter Performance Review and Workshop on Workload Analysis

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27 April 2021
SOCD undertakes the 1st Quarter Performance Review and Workshop on Workload Analysis

Philippine Statistics Authority Regional Statistical Services Office 7 conducted the 1st Quarter Statistical Operations and Coordinations Division Performance Review and Workshop on Workload Analysis on 23 to 24 March 2021 at Cebu City. It was participated by all regular SOCD personnel and three (3) Contract of Service Worker (COSW). The objective of this workshop is to determine the Workload and personnel complement of division. It also aims to evaluate the performance of the 2021 1st quarter, whether all the targets were met; prepare a catch-up plan for unmet targets, and address issues or concerns.

Engr. Leopoldo P. Alfanta, Jr., Chief Statistical Specialist welcomed the participants and emphasized the objective of the workshop which is “To come up with the right number and right item position that must be added to the organization to effectively carry out our mandate”.

Engr. Ariel E. Florendo, Regional Director of PSA RSSO 7 delivered his message and started it a with a question, and some of the participants responded to it. RD Florendo highlighted the reason why there is a need to organize this kind of workshop. According to him, “The big reason why we are here is to deliver our mandate which is to improve the quality of life for all.”

Furthermore, the objective and guidelines in the conduct of the 2021 1st Quarter Performance Review and Workshop on Workload Analysis were discussed by SuSS Felixberto M. Sato, Jr. Then CSS Alfanta discussed PW Form 4, Workload by Project/Activity of SOCD. After the presentation and discussion, a break-out session for the PW Form 4 was made per section to assess and evaluate their respective operations. Presentation of the PW Form 4 per section was presented on the second day of the workshop. Lastly, SrSS Myrna Trinidad T. Cataluña and SS II Cayylord D. Niala presented the 2021 1st Quarter Performance Met/Unmet Targets of their respective section in the division.

The closing remarks was delivered by CSS Alfanta. He expressed how thankful he is to everyone for the cooperation and dedication in making the two-day training workshop fruitful and successful and a venue to strengthen interpersonal relations among personnel in the division.