Careers in PSA Region 7

Call for Applicants for Contract of ServiceWorker (COSW) Positions for the Philippine Identification System Registry Office (PRO) to be assigned at PSA-7 Provincial Statistical Offices
Reference Number: 20RSSO07-649
Release Date: 18 September 2020
Posting Date:        18-23 September 2020
Filing Period:        18-23 September 2020 / 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
Vacant Positions: Registration Officer II & Registration Officer I
Note: All positions to be hired are Contract of Service Workers (COSWs)
  1. Applicants may submit personally or through the email addresses below:
A. For Registration Officer II (RO II)
PSO Bohol
3rd Floor Galleria Luisa, Gallares St.
Tagbilaran City, Bohol 6300
Telephone: (038) 501-0996
PSO Cebu
2/F Martina SugboCenter
P. Burgos St. San Roque,
Cebu City, Cebu 6000
Telephone: (032) 255-6187
(032) 412-1337
PSO Negros Oriental
Purple Building, Valencia Street, Barangay Bagacay
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental 6200
Telephone: (035) 442-4372
Fax: (035) 422-4374
B. For Registration Officer I (RO I)
PSO Negros Oriental
Purple Building, Valencia Street, Barangay Bagacay
Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental 6200
Telephone: (035) 442-4372
Fax: (035) 422-4374
  1. Applicants are required to submit the following requirements:
    1. Application letter stating the specific position title and place of assignment;
    2. Fully accomplished Personal Data Sheet (PDS) with recent passport-sized picture (Civil Service Form 212, Revised 2017) with Work Experience Sheet (refer to Guide on filling out Personal Data Sheet);
    3. Transcript of Records and Diploma (photocopy);
    4. Proof of CSC/PRC Eligibility (photocopy);
    5. Certificate of Training (photocopy); and
    6. Certificate of Experience relevant to the position (photocopy).
  1. Additional instructions for strict compliance:

1. All applicants are required to submit their application/s addressed to:

National Statistician and Civil Registrar General
Thru:  The Regional Director/Provincial Statistical Officer
           Philippine Statistics Authority
           (Address: as listed above)

2. Applicants may submit their requirements personally or online/courier through the email/address listed above.

(Applicant Submission) Call for Intent/Application for COSW position at PRO

3. Applicants who sent documents via courier must submit the return slip or tracking number receipt within three (3) calendar days from sending thereof to concerned email address:

4. One set of application documents per position applied for must be submitted.

5. For inquiries regarding application, you may contact the concerned Field Office through the email address using email subject below:

(Inquiry) Call for Intent/Application for COSW position at PRO

6. The PSA reserves the right to suspend or terminate hiring process for qualified reasons or disqualify any and/or all applicants for failure to comply any of the foregoing requirements and instructions without incurring liabilities against any of the applicant/s.

7. Applicants must present the original copy of the documents/attachments in the application letter to the Secretariat before the interview. Inability to present of any of these documents will lead to automatic disqualification.

8. Applications and documents submitted after the deadline 23 September 2020 will not be considered.

Applications with incomplete attachments and/or incomplete information or signature within the particular attachment will not be considered.

9. List of positions with duties and responsibilities can be found at the PSA website at, Annex A (Reference No. 2706220-02B)

10. Interviews of pre-qualified applicants will be conducted in the concerned PSA-Filed Offices.

The Committee on Contract of Service and Job Order Workers (COS/COSWs) may employ teleconference interview or change the venue of the interview subject up to two (2) days prior notice to the concerned applicants via email or through mobile/cellular phone.


Regional Director


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