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Civil Registration Release


Release Date: 10 May 2022
Reference Number: 2022-SR61-008

Registered marriages in 2020 at 161

One hundred sixty-one (161) couples tied the knot in the province of Siquijor in 2020, of which the municipalities of Siquijor (capital) and Lazi registered the highest number of marriages at 44 and 34, respectively, thus accounted for 27.3% and 21.1%.  The municipality of Maria registered the least number of marriages at 16 or 10% of the total number.

Timely registration of marriages in 2020

The marriages that occurred in 2020 were all registered within the specified reglementary period, and are considered timely registration.

No marriage occurred in April

Throughout the year, it is noticeable that the month of April has no marriage occurrence all throughout the province. It can be recalled that during these times was the onset of COVID-19 pandemic wherein big gatherings are discouraged to happen and minimum health protocols should be observed (Figure 3).  Thus, months of January and February recorded numerous marriages while the rest of the months registered minimal number.

Thirty-eight (38) couples chose the month of January for their wedding events or 23.6 percent of the total number of registered marriages.  Subsequently, this was followed by the month of February which constitutes 15.5 percent while month of June had the least number of marriage events at 6 or 3.7 percent.

On the average, there were three (3) marriages in a week all throughout the province.

Most men and women in Siquijor married between ages 25-29 years old

Of the 161 wedding ceremonies, 60 couples or 37.26 percent with brides that belonged to the age group of 25-29 years old followed by the age group 30-34 at 42 wedded pairs or 26.1 percent with women that belonged to this age group. 

The 20-24 age group ranked third in terms of number of marriages with women of this age.  Further, there are still marriages happening at the age groups of 55-59 years old and 60 and over although at a very minimal number.  They are the ones leaving to fate meeting the love of their lives and are the ones having been married before.  Moreover, older women are more likely would go alone than to be engaged with someone.

On the other hand, same with women, most men got married at the age group of 25-29 years old with 46 couples, which accounted for 28.57 percent followed immediately with 45 pairs that belonged to the age group of 30-34 years old.  Ranked third is the 35-39 age groups with 25 marriages or 15.5 percent.  Thus, it is notable for men, that there were a number of marriage occurrences at the age group of 60 years old and above (Figure 6).

Apparently, between men and women in Siquijor, it is still believed that between the ages of 25-29 years old is the ideal and favorable age to get married.  Since at these ages, one would already land to a more secured employment which is important to support a family.

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