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National Disability Prevalence Survey / Model Functioning Survey

Results on 2016 National Disability Prevalence Survey (NDPS) or Model Functioning Survey (MFS) Conveyed

Release Date: Wednesday, December 18, 2019
Reference Number: 2019-NA07-017
Results on 2016 National Disability Prevalence Survey (NDPS)/ Model Functioning Survey (MFS) Conveyed

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) conducted the first ever National Disability Prevalence Survey (NDPS)/ Model Functioning Survey (MFS) in the country in November- December of 2016. It is anchored on the survey tool called Model Disability Survey (MDS), developed by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank (WB). The Philippines is one of the few pilot countries for this study. The objectives of this survey are the following: to estimate the prevalence of disability; to determine the current disability distribution of the population; to identify needs, barriers and inequalities faced by persons with different levels of disability; and to provide the information necessary for the development of policy priorities to improve the lives of the population with disability. The PSA Central Visayas conducted the regional dissemination forum on 25 November 2019 at Hotel Elizabeth, Cebu City.

For the results we have the following: (1) The severe disability prevalence in 2016 in the Philippines was 12%; (2) Almost every second person experiences moderate level of disability at 47%; (3) Women are more likely to experience severe disability than men; (4) Older persons are more likely to have severe disability; (5) Access to education and work poses problem for a large share of the general population, increasing for higher disability levels; (6) Persons with higher level of disability face larger disadvantages due to barriers in their physical environment; (7) Attitude of others and access to information pose problems for all groups of the population, increasing for higher disability levels; (8) Persons with severe disability have unmet needs regarding devices and modifications, additional personal assistance and outpatient care.

The key note speech was delivered by Dr. Dino D. Caing, Cluster Head of Non-communicable Diseases Section, Department of Health Region VII wherein he stated that “Disability is universal and continuum, whether we like it or not”. The background of the National Disability Prevalence Survey was presented by Ms. Romelyn Anden, Statistical Specialist II of Demographic and Health Statistics Division under Social Sector Statistics Service, Sectoral Statistics Office of Philippine Statistics Authority- Central Office. The result of the survey was presented by Ms. Myrna Trinidad T. Cataluña, Senior Statistical Specialist under the Statistical Operations and Coordination Division of Philippine Statistics Authority- Region VII and lastly Mr. Felipe Pimentel, Officer-In-Charge of Persons with Disabilities Affairs Office, Department of Social Welfare Services gave his message, as well as shared his personal experiences being one of the disabled person/ PWD’s. He ended his message by saying a quote which he made it himself, “Disability is a gift of uniqueness and creativity.”