Statesmen’s Summit at the City of Pines

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2 April 2020

The six hours of travel, one hour of climbing up the winding road covered with foggy clouds and raindrops were enthralling.


           Four of us, team Provincial heads and Division chiefs of Region 7 were that exited to discover again the City of Pines, Baguio City. Personally, I was more thrilled of what will be my “take- away” of the three-day gathering of “Statesmen and Nobles”. This was held last September 17-20, 2019 at Hotel Supreme Convention Plaza Baguio City where more than a hundred of participants were gathered to learn and be molded with values, moral recovery discussions and sharing of common and unique experiences. The activity was spearheaded by the Council for the Restoration of Filipino Values.

Valuable learnings were fully imparted among the enthusiasts, as follows:

Keynote Speech:   Theme “Laying the Foundation for the Next Generations of Filipinos” delivered by USEC of DILG, Epimaco V. Densing

· Session 1- Building the Moral Infrastructure of the Nation with Mr. Voltare Acosta Jr., the National Director of CRFV

· Session 2- Highlights of RA 3019 (Anti- graft and Corrupt Practices)

· Session 3- Anti-Corrupt Mechanisms followed by Round Table Discussions and Best Practices on Anti-Corrupt Initiatives

· Session 4 Public Accountability and Statesmanship in the Present Time

         As I journey my headship with PSA Bohol Family, no one can perfectly lead a group as human vulnerability gets in. But conquering all the challenges along the way with “integrity and courage” in my pocket, no one can put a good man down.

My take-away for the “Gathering of Nobles” conquer evils, be a guard of corruption and lead by example with values reflected in words and actions.  ◘