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Over 35,000 printed electronic Philippine Identifications (ePhilIDs) issued in Siquijor Province in 2022

Release Date: 5 January 2023
Reference Number: 2023-PR61-001
The Philippine Statistics Authority, Siquijor Provincial Statistical Office (PSA Siquijor-PSO) had issued 35,846 printed ePhilIDs in the Province of Siquijor in 2022. These had been claimed by Siquijodnons, surpassing the 34,400 target set for Siquijor in 2022 at a 104.20 percent completion rate. 
Of the 35,846 issued ePhilIDs as of 31 December 2022, 13,221 ePhilDs were successfully issued under Mode 1 and 22,625 were delivered by the PhilSys Registration Team (PRT) under Mode 2 in the province. 
To fast-rack the issuance of the ePhilID since it started on 03 October 2022 in the province, the PSA has implemented two (2) modes of distribution of the ePhilID. 
In Mode 1, registered persons already issued with a PhilSys Number (PSN) has claimed their ePhilID by logging in at the ePhilID Appointment System at to set an appointment to claim their ePhilID at PhilSys registration centers. 
To expand the registration availability and issuance of ePhilID, PSA Siquijor mobilized one (1) Fixed Registration Center (FRC) for walk-in registrants and at the same time conducted mobile operations across the six (6) municipalities in the Province of Siquijor with six (6) registration kits to cater both ePhilID issuance and Step 2 Registration (biometric capturing). 
The PSA prioritizes the ePhilID issuance to those registrants who had completed their Step 2 Registration (biometric capturing) but haven’t received their physical PhilID cards yet. Just like the national identification card, claiming of the ePhilID is free of charge. PSA underscores that there is an allocated physical card for each person registered to PhilSys. Those who want to claim their ePhilID at PhilSys registration centers will still receive their physical card which will be delivered by the Post Office to the address they used upon their Step 2 Registration (biometric capturing).
With the printed ePhilID, registered persons can immediately utilize the benefits of PhilSys, such as faster and seamless transactions in accessing financial and social protection services requiring proof of identity, subject to authentication. The printed ePhilID bears the same information as the physical PhilID card, containing the registered person’s demographic data, front-facing photograph, PhilSys Card Number (PCN), generation date, and QR code.
On security, the QR code found in the printed ePhilID will be scanned via PhilSys Check ( for authentication and is embedded with the registrant’s photo as an additional security feature to verify the ID’s authenticity.
Designed to have the same functionality and validity as the physical PhilID card, the PSA recently issued a public advisory to ensure that the printed ePhilID and other formats of the digital PhilID shall be recognized in all transactions needing proof of identity and age, subject to authentication.
For latest information on PhilSys, visit the official PhilSys website or Facebook page Should you have queries or concerns regarding PhilSys, you may also reach Siquijor Provincial Statistical Office via landline at (035) 542-5239 and (035) 542-5371 or phone number 09319130423/ 09178099972 and email address
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