Summary Inflation Report in Central Visayas, Consumer Price Index (2018=100): July 2022

Similar to the trend at the national level, inflation in Central Visayas continued to move at a higher rate of 6.9 percent in July 2022. In the previous month, inflation rate stood at 5.7 percent and in July of the previous year, it was lower at 1.5 percent. (Table A, B and Figure 1)

Inflation rate during the month was the highest since January 2019. With this month’s inflation, the regions’ average inflation from January to July 2022 stood at 5.5 percent. (Table B)

The acceleration of inflation in Central Visayas in July 2022 was primarily due to the higher annual growths in the Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages index, at 8.5 percent; and transport index, at 23.6 percent. (Table 3)


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