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Birth Statistics in Siquijor, 2017

Release Date: Tuesday, May 28, 2019
Reference Number: 2019-SR61-002

Number of Live Births in Siquijor:  2017

Siquijor, the smallest province among the four provinces of Region VII-Central Visayas, comprises six (6) municipalities which recorded a total of 1,290 registered birth occurrences in 2017.  Of the 1,290 live births, 644 or 50% are male births while 646 or 50% are female births. 

                                                                                  Table 1. Number of Live Births, Siquijor:  2017

Among the municipalities, Siquijor (the capital town of the province) recorded the highest number of birth occurrences in 2017 with 1,146 or 89%, followed by the Municipality of Lazi which registered 68 or 5% live births.  Municipality of San Juan recorded the least number of births in 2017 with only 4 or 0.31% birth occurrences. (Figure 2)

Registered live births in 2017 for Region VII-Central Visayas totaled to 144,541, of which 75,433 or 52% are male births while female births garnered 69,108 or 48% birth occurrences.  Meanwhile, Siquijor accounted for a total number of 1,290 registered live births, which contributed 1.0% in the total live births registered in Central Visayas.  It is the lowest number of registered live births in the whole region while the province of Cebu has the biggest bulk in birth occurrences in 2017 with a total of 98,138 or 68%. (Figure 3)

Distribution of Live Births by Sex

In 2017, Central Visayas is dominated merely by males, which registered at 75,433 or 52% while 69,108 or 48% represented the female registered births. (Figure 4)

Number of Live Births by Place of Occurrence and by Attendant at Birth, Siquijor:  2017

In Siquijor, 1,288 or 99.80% of the birth occurrences in 2017 were attended by health professionals and 2 or 0.2% live births were attended by traditional birth attendants. (Figure 5)


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