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Negros Oriental Vital Events in 2018

Release Date: Monday, December 23, 2019
Reference Number: 2019-SR46-015

Highlights of Negros Oriental Vital Events in 2018


     Data presented in this special release were obtained from the Certificates of Live Birth (Municipal Form No. 102), Marriage Contract (Municipal Form No. 97), Certificate of Death (Municipal Form No. 103) and Certificate of Fetal Death (Municipal Form No. 103A) that were registered at the Office of the City/Municipal Civil Registrars all throughout the province of Negros Oriental and forwarded to the Philippine Statistics Authority. Information presented includes registered births, marriages and deaths which occurred from January to December 2018.

     Registered Live Births showed a decreasing trend

    The preliminary counts of the number of registered live births by usual residence of mother in 2018 decreased by 1,610 or 6.89 from 2017 (see Table 1.)  On the average, there were 60 babies born daily in 2018 or about two babies born per hour. In Negros Oriental, a total of 21,766 live births were registered in 2018, 11,532 of which were male and 10,234 were female.


Table 1. Number of Registered Live Births by Usual Residence of Mother,

by Sex, 2017-2018.

More males than females

Of the total registered live births in 2018, more males (52.98 percent) were born than females (47.02 percent) which resulted in a sex ratio of 113 males per 100 females in the province (see Figure 1.)


Highest Occurrence of Births in Dumaguete City

     Of the total live births in the province, 10.02 percent (2,180 births) were born in Dumaguete City, the capital of Negros Oriental. Municipalities and cities with more than a thousand live births were City of Bayawan (1,758 births),City of Guihulngan (1,666 births),  City of Bais (1,353 births), Siaton (1,334 births) and Santa Catalina (1,333 births) (see Table 2.)


Table 2. Number of Registered Live Births by Usual Residence of Mother,

by Sex, Municipality, 2018.


Twenty three deaths per day

There were 8,509 registered deaths in 2018 in Negros Oriental. Of the total number of registered deaths in the province, 56.99 percent or 4,850 deaths were male (Figure 2.)


More deaths in Dumaguete City

    Dumaguete City with 1,063 persons showed the highest registered deaths in 2018, with 604 male and 810 female. This is followed by the City of Bayawan (649 deaths), City of Guihulngan (585 deaths), City of Tanjay (554 deaths) and City of Bais (536 deaths) (see Table 3.)

Table 3. Top Five Cities with the Most Number of Registered Deaths in 2018.


Dumaguete City recorded the highest number of registered marriages

    Dumaguete City recorded the highest number of registered marriages of 810, which is 10.87 percent of the total marriages in Negros Oriental in 2018.  Second in rank was Mabinay with 651 marriages or 8.73 percent. It was followed by City of Guihulngan and City of Bayawan with 587 (7.87 percent), and 555 (7.44 percent) marriages, respectively. The least number of marriages in 2018 was recorded in the municipality of San Jose at 73 or 0.98 percent.


Table 4. Number of Registered Marriages, by Municipality, 2018.




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