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Statistics on Registered Births in Central Visayas 2019

Release Date: Friday, February 26, 2021
Reference Number: 2021-SR07-005

1.5 percent increase of registered births in Central Visayas for the year 2019  

Region VII recorded a total of 140,585 number of registered births and this comprised 8.4 percent of the total number of registered births of 1,673,923 in the Philippines for the year 2019. This gathered an increase of 1.5 percent compared to the number of births registered in Region VII for the year 2018.  The region ranked 4th with highest number of registered births in the country. (See Figure 1.)

More males are born than females

Registered live births for male totals to 73,370 or 52 percent while the remaining 48 percent or 67,215 are females. This resulted to a sex ratio of 109 males born for every 100 females born in Central Visayas for the year 2019. (See Figure 2 and 3.)

The month of October had the highest number of registered births in 2019

In Central Visayas the highest number of registered births was recorded in the month of October for the year 2019 with 13,296 births which accounted 9.5 percent of the total births of the year. This also yielded the highest daily average of 429 births. September ranked 2nd with 13,067 or 9.3 percent while November came next with 12,922 or 9.2 percent. On the other hand, February recorded the lowest number of registered births with 9,288 or 6.6 percent. (See Figure 4)

Ninety-six percent of births were medically attended by a Health Professional

Ninety-six percent or 135, 452 number of registered births were medically attended by a Health Professional in Central Visayas for the year 2019. Three percent of the registered births or 4,337 were attended by a Traditional Birth Attendant and the remaining 1 percent are others and not stated. (See Figure 5)

Thirty-two percent of births are registered in Cebu Province

Among the provinces in Region VII, Cebu province had the highest number of registered births with 44,524 or 32 percent. This was followed by the province of Negros Oriental with 22,840 or 16 percent, Bohol with 20,967 or 15 percent and Siquijor with 1,239 or 1 percent, respectively. On the other hand, for highly urbanized cities, Cebu City had the highest number of births occurrence with 32,060 or 23 percent in Central Visayas. Second in rank was Mandaue City with 11,371 or 8 percent and third was Lapu-Lapu City with 7,584 or 5 percent of the total number of registered births in Central Visayas in 2019. (See Figure 6.)

Ubay, Bohol tops with the greatest number of registered births among municipilaties


Of the 116 municipalities in Central Visayas, the following are the Top 10 municipalities in term of registered births by place of occurrence.

Technical Notes:

Vital statistics » are derived from information obtained at the time when the occurrences of vital events and their characteristics are inscribed in a civil register. Vital acts and events are the births, deaths, fetal deaths, marriages, and all such events that have something to do with an individual's entrance and departure from life together with the changes in civil status that may occur to a person during his lifetime.

Birth » is the complete expulsion or extraction from its mother of a product of conception, irrespective of the duration of pregnancy, which, after such separation, breathes or shows any other evidence of life.

Usual Residence of Mother » refers to the residence of mother at the time the vital took place.

Place of Occurrence » refers to the place where the vital event took place.

Source: Philippine Statistics Authority (Data on live births are those registered at the Office of the City/Municipal Registrars throughout the country and submitted to the Office of the Civil Registrar General; Certificate of Live Birth-Municipal Form No.102)

Figures are results of actual registration without any adjustment of under-registration.


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