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Regional Statistics Committee (RSC) Functions

The Regional Statistics Committee (RSC) provides direction and guidance to statistical development activities in the region.

Legal Basis

PSA Board Resolution No. 05, Series of 2015. “Establishing the Regional Statistics Committee”

The RSC shall be established in the regions by the PSA Board to provide direction and guidance to regional/local statistical development activities. It shall serve as the policymaking body on statistical matters and shall serve as the venue for discussion and resolution of statistical issues at the local level. The PSA Board can create RSCs should there be new regional groupings.

The RSCs shall supersede any statistical committees/subcommittees in the regions. Existing provincial statistical committees shall be recognized by the RSCs.

Funds that may be needed for the operations of the RSC shall be sourced from the PSA.


The RSC shall have the following powers and functions:

  • Oversee the implementation in the regions of policy decisions made by the PSA Board and the adoption of prescribed statistical standard methodologies and classification systems;
  • Formulate statistical policies designed to resolve local statistical issues and recommend workable schemes towards the improvement of local level statistics;
  • Institute measures to strengthen the statistical capability of the local statistical system including the personnel thereof;
  • Elevate to the PSA Board, statistical matters which cannot be resolved at the local level;
  • Create interagency statistical working groups, as the need arises, that could attend to technical issues and problems and supervise the activities of these working groups;
  • Meet at least once a quarter at such  date, time and place it may decide; and,
  • Submit periodic reports to the PSA.