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PSA Siquijor conducts Provincial Data Dissemination on the 2022 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) Result for Central Visayas

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Reference Number: 2023-NA61-016

PSA Siquijor conducts Provincial Data Dissemination on the 2022 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) Result for Central Visayas

Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Provincial Statistical Office (PSO) Siquijor conducted the Provincial Data Dissemination Forum on the 2022 National Demographic and Health Survey (NDHS) Result for Central Visayas on 10 August 2023 at Fig Sunset View Resort in Maite, San Juan, Siquijor.

The Data Dissemination Forum presented the 2022 NDHS Final Results for Central Visayas. The NDHS published this year is the seventh iteration of the country’s Demographic and Health Survey, or DHS, and marks the twelfth in the series of the DHS-related surveys since 1968.

The Introduction, Survey Methodology, Household and Respondent Characteristics was shown thru AVP. The topic on Fertility and Family Planning was presented by the Senior Statistical Specialist of PSA, Ms. Jill Bernadette C. Abing. She mentioned that in Central Visayas a Total Fertility Rate of 2.0 children was recorded which is slightly higher compared to the national rate of 1.9. On the presentation of Maternal Health and Child Status, Engr. Joselito C. Maghanoy, the Supervising Statistical Specialist and the Officer-in-Charge of PSA Siquijor elaborated the topic and showed that 9 in 10 births were delivered by a skilled provider. Moreover, he mentioned that for children 12-23 months 78% were fully vaccinated with basic antigen, 53% fully vaccinated based on national schedule and 8% were not vaccinated.

The next presentation on Childhood Mortality, HIV Knowledge and Testing, Health Care Utilization, and Chronic and Infectious Diseases and Women’s Empowerment and Domestic Violence was presented by Senior Statistical Specialist from the Regional Office of PSA Region VII, Ms. Leslie Marie V. Zuasula. She elaborated that the trend in Childhood Mortality for category Under-5 Mortality by Region, Central Visayas recorded 26 deaths per 1,000 live births for the 10-year period before the survey, which is the same number on the national level. The presentation on the final result ended with the statistics on domestic violence which presented the percent of women aged 15-49 years old who experience different kind of violence as defined under the Magna Carta of Women.

The Forum also invites discussant from different National and Local Government Agencies who gave their reactions on the result of the 2022 NDHS for Central Visayas. The first discussant came from the Population Commission Siquijor, represented by Zyra Kay S. Bulahan, as the Adolescent Health and Development Program Focal Person. She gave a short presentation on the intervention they are currently doing to address the issue specially on teenage pregnancies. On the other hand, from the Philippine National Police-Siquijor Provincial Office represented by PltCol Catherine Diego Ramos, reacted that out of the percentage recorded of domestic violence in Central Visayas, a very small percentage come from Siquijor. As per their report, only a minimal number of domestic violence is recorded in the whole province. Lastly, Dr. Jemma M. Fortich, the Provincial Health Officer I, also presented the different activities and status of child health at the same time the health and nutrition programs offered by the provincial health offices that can be availed by everyone.

An open forum was set to cater questions and clarifications raised by representatives/attendees from the National and Local Government Line Agencies.

Overall, the data dissemination forum has been a success and National and Local Government agencies were thankful for such event. They thanked PSA for the success of the survey as well as the publication and dissemination of the 2022 NDHS Final Report and hopes to see more statistics in the future on Women and Children specifically at the provincial level.


      Supervising Statistical Specialist

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